Liberal Arts Bridge and Landscape Improvements

at Forest Park Muny Tributary

saint louis, missouri
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At the reconstructed historic bridges, the character from other bridges will be translated to a vehicular and pedestrian condition.


Donor signage will be incorporated into the guardrail condition on the historic bridge for overlook to the riparian waterway

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The reconstructed corridor stretches along the Muny Tributary, under Government Drive, and will complete the waterway enhancements

2016-03-03-Weir 1 riffles section scheme 1_nowall

The riffles will provide interest at locations of grade-change with a playful character and cascades and pools

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The "before" illustrates a degrading riparian condition with lawn and shore-line conditions not conducive to a naturalized ecosystem.

2016-03-02-main overlook section

The main overlook will employ stone slabs of various heights to provide accent and seating

"If it weren't for the rocks in its bed, the stream would have no song."

Carl Perkins


Forest Park Forever


Engineering Design Source, Inc.

Sequoia Engineering & Environmental

Project Facts

6.5 acres

Anticipated 2017

2 Reconstructed Historic Bridges
3 Hidden Constructed Weirs
4 Designed Water Touch-points

[dtls] provided schematic design services in a collaborative team effort to provide tributary stream enhancements to the stream arm adjacent to the Liberal Arts Bridge in Forest Park. The design team worked closely with the Client and associated agencies including Forest Park Forever and City Parks and Forestry. The project began with reference research of the Park Master Plan document for guidance, standards and specific intent.

The design centers around the replacement of the Liberal Arts Bridge and included multi-use path improvements and additions, stream weir repair and replacement along with riffle additions, stream side access areas, informal use areas and native tree, reforestation and riparian planting areas. Schematic design included existing tree removal and protection plan, site grading, site and stream stone riffle, paving and seating elements.

The Details

  • spring cascades

  • before

  • water source

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