Greenhouse Venture Embankment Garden

Highway Wasteland turned Pollinator Island

St. Louis, Missouri

The Greenhouse Venture Embankment Garden is one of several sustainability-oriented interventions planned for the Shaw Neighborhood

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The Embankment Garden will stretch two blocks along the Highway hillside, facing the dense residential neighborhood

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Careful integration of the existing grades will allow for distinct gardening zones for a pollinator demonstration garden

Formerly vacant land that required seasonal mowing will now provide education and environmental growth for St. Louis

With its embankment garden along Interstate 44, the Venture also is one of the first groups in the Midwest following guidelines from the Federal Highway Administration to help DOTs nationwide integrate pollinator-friendly practices into landscape design and programs for managing roadside vegetation.

Lyda Krewson, Mayor of St. Louis


UIC Architecture

Project Facts

3.25 acres

2016, Master Planning
2018, Phase 1 Seeding

Collaboration of 4 distinct elementary school types: public magnet, public charter, private Catholic, and private Christian, with Saint Louis University overview

DTLS is excited to be involved in both a volunteer advisory capacity and as a consultant in the Green House Venture (GHV) and specifically the Embankment Education Garden. The Green House Venture is a non-profit neighborhood based effort to provide a hands-on learning experience in bioscience education for elementary aged children. Centered on food production, the project will address the science, health, community and environmental aspects of producing food in an urban setting.

The GHV looked upon the adjacent highway embankment to the north of the proposed green house site as a fitting extension to their mission. The Master Plan is centered on an 8,500 sq ft terrace garden area directly across the street from the proposed green house. This area will include accessible raised garden beds and demonstration garden areas as well as composting facilities and edible perennial plantings. The remaining 3 acre extent of the embankment is planned as pollinator prairie and savanna seeded areas to replace the existing turf grass and work with the existing site trees. The overall design and specific aspects of the embankment plans have been informed by Saint Louis University scientists working on native pollinator and perennial grain crops, and nutritional health research.

The first phase of the embankment project is underway with seedbed preparation in summer of 2018 followed by dormant season seeding in the fall and winter of 2018 / 2019.

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