Greenway on the Hodiamont Tracks Concept Plan

Giving form to Community Vision

St. Louis, Missouri
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This looks like it could be an amazing trail. The sooner it gets built, the better!

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Great Rivers Greenway
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Project Facts

3.5 miles

Schematic Design
Public Engagement
Guideline Development
Master Planning


The Concept Plan area is a 3.5-mile corridor on St. Louis’s near north side, stretching from the Grand Center District on the east to Gwen Giles Park on the west. The route includes a 0.3 mile portion along Enright Avenue from Spring Avenue westward past Vandeventer Avenue, with the remainder following along the right-of-way once occupied by the Hodiamont streetcar line (also known as the Suburban Tracks). The corridor travels through seven different neighborhoods including Covenant Blu-Grand Center, Vandeventer, Lewis Place, Fountain Park, Academy-Sherman Park, Visitation Park and ends in the West End at Hodiamont Avenue. A greenway on the Hodiamont Tracks would intersect the existing St. Vincent Greenway and would connect to the proposed Brickline Greenway at Spring Avenue. A possible future westward extension would provide an opportunity to join with the Centennial Greenway in University City.

Great Rivers Greenway’s design approach is centered around the concept of Ask, Align, Act – asking the community which design solutions are desirable and appropriate, aligning the expectations and aspirations of a diverse constituency, and acting on agreed-upon intentions in order to produce positive, equitable outcomes. The result of this approach is a community-led design process whereby engagement and design teams are constantly working in tandem to ensure that community direction and feedback are driving the development of solutions.

The Concept Plan is intended to establish a vision for how the proposed Greenway may look and feel, setting the stage for the future phases of detailed design, engineering, and construction. Moreover, it seeks to set forth the means by which its design can begin to address the concerns and aspirations of the community, lending form to their vision.

The Details

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