Levi Ray and Shoup, Inc

Corporate Headquarters Expansion

Springfield, Illinois

The campus entry remains with the iconic branding, as streetscape and frontage adapt to modern maintenance and planting approaches


Courtyards feature casual seating and lush tree groves


An employee park space will highlight the company's commitment to wellness and fitness as well as social connection between employees


The employee park space can be utilized for all-call business functions or for casual get togethers


Reinforcing the company's contemporary understanding of employee needs, a bocce court adds a unique site feature for employees and their families to use


Steckel Parker Architects
Raynolds, Higginbotham, & Associates

Project Facts

6 acres

2019 (Anticipated)

1/10 mile fitness trail
Bocce court for employee play

The expansion of the Levi, Ray, & Shoup global headquarters creates a unified campus with over 160,000sf of office space on the six acre campus.  The expansion site condenses five individual office buildings into a single 58,000sf structure, which will accomodate for future growth of the company.

DTLS collaborated closely with the LRS executive team to create a unified campus master plan, with a specific focus on design interventions to promote workplace collaboration and corporate wellness in an outdoor environment.  From simple enhancements to the existing fitness center courtyard, to the development of a programmed one acre employee greenspace, the DTLS design team was able to form a cohesive campus master plan to enhance the workplace environment.

The Details

  • corporate
  • identity
  • expansion
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