Lewis Center Renovation

Washington University and Quadrangle Housing

University City, Missouri

A contemporary retaining wall insertion acts as signage and wayfinding element as well as serving historic grade elevations

The site plan allows for unique identities for each user entrance and serves the contemporary functions the building must adapt to

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Sectional sketches consider various treatments of the retaining wall


Retaining wall sketches study the change in grade and various interactions with soil elevations


Formerly a loading dock, the front entrance features a multi-use stage area for flexible events and seating

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The larger internal courtyard highlights the unique architecture and serves work- and live-user groups


The Lawrence Group
Mahlum Architects
Civil Engineering Design Consultants (CEDC)

Project Facts

3.75 acres

2019 (Anticipated)

Two-phase implementation will allow for continuous occupancy
New bioretention and permeable pavers displace runoff from the site
Historic wall maintained and integrated into the site design
Dedicated parking for 136 bicycles

In its pre-rehabilitation form, the Lewis Center occupies a former school, commonly called the Ward Building, that has been added on to over many years.  This development effort aims to bring a unified and consistent built approach to the building and its grounds.  The Lewis Center plays home to an incubator co-working space, a cafe, and individual residences.  This very modern use requires a modern approach in a historic framework.

DTLS proposed a very contemporary insertion of a metal retaining wall that acts as a wayfinding element at the two primary visitor and resident entries.  This element serves as signage, a truncation for grade variations and the historic stone wall, and a modern off-set.  This vibrant element sets the tone for contemporary and industrial insertions in the building interior, as well.

The architecture of the Lewis Center is focused around two interior courtyards.  These insular gems are envisioned as a respite from the goings-on within the building, and are meant to be spill-out spaces for collaboration and daily life.  Supplemented by new pavements, planting, and furnishings, the courtyards will be the center of the building and student life.

The Details

  • Internal
  • Courtyard
  • Amenity
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