Forest Park Liberal Arts Bridge and Muny Tributary

Landscape Improvements

saint louis, missouri

The reconstructed Muny Tributary was a welcome portion of the recent Fores Park Forever campaign.


Donor signage will be incorporated into the guardrail condition on the historic bridge for overlook to the riparian waterway


The Historic Bridge was reconstructed to maintain the ornate decor and railings.

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The "before" illustrates a degrading riparian condition with lawn and shore-line conditions not conducive to a naturalized ecosystem.

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At the reconstructed historic bridges, the character from other bridges will be translated to a vehicular and pedestrian condition.

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The reconstructed corridor stretches along the Muny Tributary, under Government Drive, and will complete the waterway enhancements

2016-03-03-Weir 1 riffles section scheme 1_nowall

The riffles will provide interest at locations of grade-change with a playful character and cascades and pools


The tributary reconstruction also included Dual Path extensions and safer crossings.


At-Grade path crossings were updated for safety and clear passage.

2016-03-02-main overlook section

The main overlook will employ stone slabs of various heights to provide accent and seating

"When this project is complete, the space will be transformed from an overgrown, uninviting pass-through to a beautiful natural destination where visitors can enjoy a picnic with family or just a relaxing lunch hour,"

Lesley S. Hoffarth, P.E., President and Executive Director of Forest Park Forever


Forest Park Forever


Engineering Design Source, Inc.

Sequoia Engineering & Environmental

Project Facts

6.5 acres

Anticipated 2017

2 Reconstructed Historic Bridges
3 Hidden Constructed Weirs
4 Designed Water Touch-points

This dramatic restoration project will improve the riparian corridor to remove invasive species and result in an approachable shoreline. The stream will receive riffle additions utilizing native stone, hand-selected to achieve desired falls and water movements. Areas of access at the edge of the waterway will allow for interaction with the flowing water in a hands-on manner and will feature areas “paved” with flat, local stone.

Informal use areas mingle with native tree reforestation and riparian planting areas allowing the visitor a naturalized interaction point with the enhanced environment. Some areas will feature seating elements constructed of stone forms and will relate with plantings and grasses to highlight Missouri’s native landscape communities.

Liberal Arts Bridge itself will be replaced in the spirit of historic bridges throughout the park complete with paths, sidewalks, and donor signage. [dtls] provided concept integration and donor signage graphics, representations and renderings for the bridge design and signage. The new sidewalks will connect to the park-wide systems of pathways and bicycle routes via an enhanced crosswalk with signage and pavement markings.

[dtls] and collaborators worked closely with the Board of Public Service, Forest Park Forever and City Forestry. Reference to the Forest Park Master Plan and other standards influenced and guided the development and improvement plans.

The Details

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