Metropolitan Sewer District Headquarters

2350 Market Street

St. Louis, Missouri
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“We want the public to perceive MSD as raising the bar, leading by example, and as a partner with the community in green infrastructure.”

MSD Employee Program Workshop Survey Response


Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District

Shaw Nature Reserve

Oates Associates

Mademan Design


Project Facts

Schematic Design through Construction Administration
Planting Design
Public Engagement

General Services Contract for On-Call Services through 2021

Much of Saint Louis city is located within the combined sewer overflow (CSO) area, meaning that stormwater from the street is mixed with sanitary sewage. During large rain events, the system becomes overwhelmed, resulting in raw sewage being discharged into the Mississippi River. In 2011, Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) entered a Consent Decree and will spend a minimum $4.7 billion over the next 23 years to address the issue of overflows and other sewer system improvements.

DTLS is currently in the process of conceptual design and visioning for potential improvements to the MSD headquarters at 2350 Market Street.  The proposed campus upgrades are targeted at showcasing MSD’s mission of reducing negative stormwater impacts, while supporting public education and enhancing accessibility.

We will achieve this goal by constructing a diverse stormwater management and landscape design plan that demonstrates the full variety of best management practices. These green infrastructure improvements will be part of a campus educational loop that is centered around an architectural pavilion for outdoor educational sessions and employee seating.

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