Bayer (Monsanto) Chesterfield Campus

A Tranquil Retreat in a Business Hub

Saint Louis, Missouri
Monsanto Phase 1 Collaborative Illustrative Master Plan

The Bayer (Monsanto) Chesterfield campus is undergoing a transformation


a bustling center nestled in a healthy woodland | jacobs

"Our Chesterfield expansion is focused on strengthening our world-class capabilities in the discovery and development of innovations for farmers around the world."

Hugh Grant | former CEO, Monsanto


Bayer (Monsanto)

Civil Design, Inc

Cannon Design

Burns & McDonnell

Jacobs Engineering Group

Randy Burkett Lighting Design

Tarlton Corporation


Project Facts

201 acres

2017 – Phase 1

[dtls] has been providing ongoing services to Bayer (formerly Monsanto) for several major projects at its 201-acre Chesterfield Village Campus.  The main objectives of this work have been to establish a cohesive site aesthetic and coordinated use of landscape elements throughout, reinforcing a consistent campus identity.

To date, our design work has focused on incorporating new facilities within the existing research complex. These facilities include office, laboratory, greenhouse and headhouse buildings, a parking structure and pedestrian and vehicular circulation systems.  A major part of our role has been the working hand in glove with Bayer’s facility and design staff to coordinate between the individual building projects and their respective architectural, engineering and construction teams.

The design approach addresses the individual function and character of each building complex while tying the individual landscapes into the overall fabric of the campus.  The composition moves from tighter, more formal garden spaces near the buildings to looser, flowing masses of native species which blend with the existing woodlands and prairie meadows that are being preserved and enhanced. Stormwater bioswales and bioretention basins are incorporated throughout, treating run-off at its source.  A network of pedestrian pathways provides access to the landscape, while site lighting and exterior furnishings enhance the experience.

The Details

  • Planting Plan

  • Sketch Study

  • Biodetention

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