Nature Playground

at City Garden Montessori School

saint louis, missouri

Nothing is as well-used as a turf mound in the center of the play area


Unconventional play structures and materials allow for free play and creative expression


The play area is anchored by an outdoor structure designed by UIC and executed in a warm wood


Biodetention near the building entry provides shade and texture

Respect all the reasonable forms of activity in which the child engages and try to understand them.

Maria Montessori


City Garden Montessori School

School Parent Playground Committee


Project Facts

0.5 acre


175 students
Kindergarten through 8th Grade
Open to the public off-hours

[dtls] collaborated with the school’s parent playground committee for over a year, working to develop a program, schematic site plan, budget and phasing strategy for an engaging playground design that would conform to the Montessori goals of education and play in an outdoor environment. Providing areas for active play for the school’s broad range of students from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, the playground design also provides quiet study spaces, outdoor classrooms and garden planting areas. The use of native and edible plants reinforces the connection to place.
The schematic playground plan acts as a guide for the ongoing planning and phased implementation of the playground design by the school and parent volunteers.

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