Our Process

innovation through collaboration


Collaboration within the studio is a critical part of our daily life


Some of the most important design decisions happen on the job site


Every project is an ongoing design conversation


We are inspired by the places we build, occupy, and visit


We always seek to connect with the spirit of the place

"The key to growing a successful design practice is for the team to be adaptable, able to jump between scales, to fluidly integrate into project teams, and to find joy in the challenge."

Julia Montroy | Founding Principal


We assemble stakeholders and collaborators to jointly identify goals, challenges and desired outcomes. Working as a team, this group establishes the project scope, budget, schedule and protocols.


We gather information about the project area, its history, systems and surroundings. During this stage we are careful to listen to residents, stakeholders and experts and learn from case studies and precedents. In actuality, this phase is ongoing throughout – it has no expiration date.


We analyze and synthesize the information learned in order to highlight relationships and patterns and draw conclusions…literally. We pay a lot of attention in this phase to representing data in a manner that is understandable and relatable – we love beautiful diagrams.


We experiment with new techniques, explore alternative strategies, craft the purpose and meaning of the project.  We draw and present ideas, concepts and iterations.


Based on feedback and advice from clients and stakeholders, we select the best aspects of various schemes and form them into one cohesive design. We test potential outcomes, constantly revising, refining and improving our solutions. Ultimately we work to build consensus among constituents, ensuring a successful project.


Here we document the full story of the design for those who will build it. But this is not the end of the process – it continues much beyond the handing-off of a set of drawings, or even the actual construction. Our projects literally have lives of their own – we help to set them in motion, and we delight in the opportunity to revisit them over time.

The Details

  • [define]

  • [discover]

  • [deduce]

  • [devise]

  • [distill]

  • [deliver]

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