SYNERGY at the Meadows

Apartment Community

Lake St. Louis, Missouri
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Interior courtyards serve many uses and offer residents diverse experiences

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Dynamic planters pair with spaces for people to offer a distinctive background to living

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Although centralized, the interior courtyards provide distinct zones for multiple resident groups

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Furnishings and fixed elements round out interior courtyard spaces

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Early concepts explored more open, flexible spaces

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Early concepts relied on striking furnishings and a dense shade canopy

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Some early concepts combined multiple approaches

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Residents will be able to call on several types of spaces and amenities

SYNERGY at The Meadows is exactly what we have been looking for as it fits perfectly into our development plans and the city’s comprehensive plan

Meir Cohen, chairman and CEO of Meadows owner Cohen Equities


ERC Building Companies
Pickett, Ray & Silver, Inc
Studio 6 Architects

Project Facts

10 acres

2019 (Anticipated)

Two fully-enclosed courtyards
Connectivity to existing shopping
Pool enclosure and social space

Adjacent a vibrant, walkable shopping district in Lake St. Louis, the new SYNERGY Apartment Community will add to the density and robust development efforts. These planned apartments take the urban lifestyle up a notch, offering alternatives to residents.

The courtyard and open-space elements of the project provide residents with unique amenity zones – some fully-enclosed – and add to the character of each building. Courtyards blend the built-in and the flexible to cater to resident needs and desires. The result is a series of spaces that create dynamism and exciting environments for all.
Between buildings, the open space acts as an extension of each district and aids connectivity for walkers, shoppers, and residents.

The Details

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