Residential Design Process

Helping Homeowners Realize their Vision

Topographic manipulation can provide a unique play area for children and can increase the visual impact of your garden areas.

Diligent studies of grading can mean minimal intervention into existing sites - a more integrated approach means a cohesive space.


Helping clients determine a long-range vision that can be implemented in one fell swoop or deliberately over time. Setting a goal helps to mete out the progress.


Studying interventions in many planes is important to understanding impacts.


Incorporating new elements into existing site seamlessly is an ongoing process. We love to integrate built and planted forms.


Existing vegetation should be considered when proposing new planting regimes. Thorough documentation can save old growth and incorporate a new look.

"To build, to plant, whatever you intend, to rear the column, or the arch to bend, to swell the terrace, or to sink the grot, in all, let nature never be forgot…consult the genius of the place in all.”

Alexander Pope, 1731

The Details

  • study

  • build

  • focus

  • plan

  • plant

  • enjoy

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