Stephens College Master Plan

A Historic Women's College

Saint Louis, Missouri
Stephens Safe-Ped Connection

Safety, connectivity and accessibility are challenges across the campus

Stephens Site Boundaries

The institution’s boundaries have transformed considerably since 1833

Stephens MP_8-20-2013

Key nodes and edges will form the pedestrian experience

"How does a college that treasures and embraces its physical place, use those strengths to differentiate itself? For a college so aware of its place in the world, a physical identity is needed.”

Dianne Lynch, Stephens College President


Stephens College Steering Committee

Mackey Mitchell Architects

Project Facts

47 acres

Fall 2013

Founded in 1833, Stephens College is the second oldest women’s college in the country. Stephens is fortunate to have maintained its historic campus quads and many of its buildings. Over the past two centuries Stephens campus boundaries have adjusted with the ebbs and flow of academic and economic circumstances. [dtls] collaborated in the creation of the Campus Master Plan, to establish a structure to create a vibrant campus environment for not only teaching and learning but for academic life. Through on site observation and analysis, current conditions were diagrammed and documented. Information was presented to staff and faculty in campus work-sessions. The design team produced a Space Utilization Plan booklet which included Landscape Design Guidelines to create to enhance and support Stephens College’s current campus goals. They include standards for new historic gateways and edges, campus lighting, furnishings, pedestrian connections, walkways and bridges. They included examples of how the landscape order and elements can be realized as part of the overall Master Plan. [dtls] recommended landscape treatments and addressed select campus focus areas with associated cost estimates for proposed campus enhancement. The primary purpose of the utilization plan was to provide the college with a coherent framework for determining how the valuable resource of space is utilized on campus.

The Details

  • Stephens 02
    Stephens 02

    user work sessions

  • Stephens 03
    Stephens 03

    student circulation

  • Stephens 04
    Stephens 04

    maintaining relevance

  • Stephens 05
    Stephens 05

    tree assessment

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    Stephens 06

    historic remnants

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    Stephens 07

    campus art

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