TD Ameritrade

corporate headquarters

Omaha, Nebraska
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The 20 acre campus landscape includes plazas, gardens, courtyards, parking areas and green roofs


[dtls] re-purposed a pair of millstones from the old McArdle Mill, which occupied the site in the 1860’s

TD Ameritrade 04

The design echoes the Big Papio Waterway, which once ran through the area

TD Ameritrade 07

The campus is attuned to its context and reflective of native Nebraska ecosystems

TD Ameritrade 09

the green roof is functional on multiple levels

TD Ameritrade 06

Associates are encouraged to walk the campus and absorb the beauty of the nature around them

TD Ameritrade 08

The nebraska landscape reflected in concept renderings

TD Ameritrade 10

The concept becomes reality

“Employing sustainable design when we can is helping us become a better company, which benefits our clients, our associates and our shareholders.”

Fred Tomczyk | TD Ameritrade President & Chief Executive Officer


TD Ameritrade


TD2 Engineering & Surveying



Project Facts

LEED Platinum

20 acres


Landscape Architecture
Owner’s Representative
LEED Review

20,000 SF Green Roof

2 Historic Millstones Repurposed

500 Trees
2,775 Shrubs
21,000 Perennials

The TD Ameritrade Corporate Headquarters consolidates formerly disparate offices around Omaha into a single high-tech sustainable campus. Located on a 20-acre site prone to flooding, the project challenge was to responsibly integrate into the existing landscape while keeping the building operational during a 100-year flood. The site design was completed while Julia, Sue, and Rick were with HOK. The [dtls] design team was hired by TD Ameritrade to oversee the implementation process and serve as Owners’ Representative.

The health and well-being of the associates is core to design of the campus landscape. The campus design promotes engagement with the outdoors and healthy living with a number of strolling paths with connections to nearby public trails, bicycle infrastructure and storage, as well as outdoor activity areas such as basketball and sand volleyball courts and a 7,000 sq. ft accessible green roof. A mixture of fixed and moveable furniture allows for diverse use of outdoor space, including small group meetings, outdoor dining, individual respite, as well as large events. The custom tables were designed and constructed uniquely for this site through an integrated process of designer and client collaboration.

The landscape design includes a number of gardens that feature native perennials and grasses to create year-round visual interest with limited need for irrigation. All water required for irrigation is collected from the site’s roadways and parking areas. Perimeter landscape areas are not irrigated, lending to a campus edge that is more attuned to the seasons and blends with the native character of Nebraska.

The Details

  • Mill Stone Tables

  • Concept Visualization

  • Wood and Stone

  • Ephemeral Waterway

  • Sleek, yet Grounded

  • Stone Textures

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