Washington University Medical Center

Campus Renewal

Saint Louis, Missouri

Phase 1 of a campus-wide implementation strategy


A standardized streetscape creates a public realm for all visitors


Kingshighway streetscape provides a unified experience along the north

"The years of planning are now showing a changing landscape along Kingshighway Boulevard.”

Rich Liekweg | President of Barnes-Jewish Hospital


Andropogon Associates, Ltd.

Jeffery L. Bruce & Company


Randy Burkett Lighting Design, Inc.

Glasper Professional Services, Inc.

ACW Alliance

Project Facts

5 acres


Rapid advancements in healthcare practices have had dramatic impact on the importance of facilities and environments. The growing focus on patient outcomes and evidence-based design translates directly to an increased emphasis on the quality of the physical environments and open space amenities of healthcare campuses. [dtls] has a wide range of experience in healthcare facility design, including site master plans, low impact development, streetscapes, parking environments, plazas, and therapeutic garden spaces.

On Phase 1 of Barnes Jewish Hospital North and St. Louis Children’s Hospital, [dtls] was responsible for the redesign of the public realm, transforming and updating the streetscape to accommodate the new facilities and encourage a vibrant pedestrian space that is responsive to its environmental context. Porous pavers allow infiltration of storm water, while continuous plant trenches utilize structural soil promote root growth for a healthy landscape. The plant palette is comprised of native species or adaptive cultivars, which celebrate Missouri’s indigenous plant communities. The goal is to create a biophillic landscape that comforts by connecting patients, staff and the general public to nature.

The Details

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